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Golden King Crab-[FROZEN]

  • Frozen 

King Crab Legs are sought after for their flavor and the density of the wonderful meat found inside the huge legs. 

The grading system for king crab is as follows. The size count refers to how many legs would be in 10 lbs. So if you order a 16-20 ct there would be 16-20 legs in 10 lbs. If you order 1 lb of 16-20 ct you would receive between 1 and 2 legs. If you would order 5 lbs you would receive between 8-10 legs. If you order the full 10 lbs you would receive 16-20 legs. 

The lower the count number per 10 lbs the bigger the crab legs are. 

Depending on the time of year king crabs can be a product of Russia, or the United States. Depending on where the boats are registered they may be a product of one country and processed in another. 


Our King Crab  legs corders onsist of claws and legs. Orders may be a mixture of legs and claws, or just legs, or just claws.

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