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Crab and Crawfish Boil

How do you reheat frozen crawfish?

Buying frozen seafood makes sense since the taste and texture stay intact, while you have cooking flexibility. Maryland Blue Crabs don’t freeze well, but the pound tubbed crab meat does. Crawfish, conversely freeze well with the small size and compact nature of the “mini-lobster.” Similarly, lobster freezes well too. Flash-freezing is key to lock in the taste and to keep the texture at its pre-frozen state. Getting the flexibility in your cooking calendar causes many home chefs to choose frozen. Know your seafood though. Crab cakes, for instance actually bake better from a frozen state. They stay compact and pan-sear into a firm cake. Crawfish and other crustaceans require a careful process.

You found meaty frozen crawfish. What should you do to enjoy them in a boil?

Inspect the cooler. Remove the vac-sealed bag and place it unopened in a ¾ throttle steamer for about 5 minutes. When handling the bag, be careful. Gentleness will keep the legs and claws connected to the body. They are still delicate from the freezing.

Preparation for the Boil. Finish the defrosting in the sink for 3-4 hours. Don’t open the bag, nor run water. Just let them sit and thaw slowly. Once ready, puncture the bag and get them ready for the boil.

Introduce the crawfish to all your key players.  Female Blue Crabs, sweet corn-on-the-cob, andouille sausage, and your garden favorites combined with Cajun spices will welcome the crawfish as a worthy addition to a traditional Southern Boil. Get the water boiling at a high temperature for about 20 minutes and then you’re ready to feast!


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