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Picture this. You open the freezer and after the burst of frigid air, you see a line up of Medium USA Soft Shell Crabs just waiting for a beer-battering and sautéing. Caught with exact timing between molting shells, these crabs await cleaned and dressed, ready for cooking. The flash-freezing makes sure the meat stays tender for your scheduled dinner. Off to the side, you catch sight of a frozen tub of USA Jumbo Blue Crab Meat. Pristine and buttery sweet, you can see the huge chunks through the clear container’s lid.  Good thing you saved Grandma’s crab ball recipe! With such large chunks, this appetizer will certainly impress the dinner guests. In the back of the freezer you notice some Caribbean Lobster Tails mixed in with its Maine tail “cousins.” Naturally plump and sweet, lobster tails grill with brushed butter to a mouth-watering delicacy. Once again, the flash-frozen product keeps the taste and texture intact, like the day the lobster snapped onto the dock. You have a busy schedule, so frozen food gives you the flexibility you deserve!

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