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Freedom Dock Deal ~ Jimmies ~ [STEAMED] (2) Dozen Medium Hard Shell Male Blue Crabs (5.5-6 inches) {FRESH}

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Jimmy Double Dozen

Celebrate “USA Jimmy Blue Crab” Days!

American crabbers move with the season and the blue crab. Spring awakens the Chesapeake Bay’s “Beautiful Swimmer that is Savory” from a frigid winter filled with cold currents and cloudy days. Strengthening sun rays and a rebirth of insects, eelgrass, oysters, clams, and fish get their sensory eyes all excited for another crab season. Yes, let the games begin! They try to elude our baited trotlines, but with our American ingenuity, we’ll pot another massive catch. News Break: Southern waters this morning gave us a Jimmy gift. Crabs measuring 5.5”-6.5” on the official Maryland Grading Scale. Esteemed as a #1 crab, Jimmies boast pristine jumbo meat, buttery lump, and robust claw. All you need is your appetite. We’ll do all the work!

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