USDA Choice Angus Steaks

Pan Fry your Ribeye!

Season freshly cut Angus Beef for a top-notch steak event.  Angus Beef naturally boasts marbling that tenderizes the beef while cooking.  Adding sea salt, grounded pepper, garlic butter and bay leaves takes the taste to a truly impactful meal.  Delicious, tender and juicy!  Pan frying the beef is easy and quick!  US Seafood and Meat supplies the USDA Choice Angus and you crank up the kitchen.

Get your ingredients together.

2 (10-13 oz.) US Seafood and Meat Angus Ribeyes.

6 cloves.

8 pieces of dried bay leaves.

1 cup olive oil unsalted butter.

Sea salt & grounded pepper.

Get Cooking.

Sprinkle salt & pepper on each steak and rub the seasoning into the meat.  Let the steaks marinate for 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, heat the olive oil butter in the pan. Set the heat at medium-high. Lift the steaks and heave them into the hot pan and cook for one minute and flip.  Then sprinkle with bay leaf pieces and chopped cloves.  Brush excess olive oil butter from the pan on the steaks.  Continue to flip for a total of three minutes per side.  Promptly remove the steaks and place on a wooden cutting board.  Let the steaks continue cooking off the heat as the juices mix into the meat.  Serve on a brilliant white plate and enjoy a quick, exquisite juicy steak.

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