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What's all the fuss about Blue Crabs?

Freshly caught Blue Crabs from the Eastern Seaboard guarantee a healthy and fresh seafood choice.  Our crew travels to the best spots to lay crab pots.  Our finest treasures come from the Chesapeake Bay where the brackish water and food give the crabs a perfect environment to produce delicious jumbo, lump and claw crab meat.  Our crew rush the male and female crabs back to our crab houses for a traditional Maryland steaming and spicing.  Yes, and we respond to your online order.  If you desire extra spicy crabs, we’ll add more seasoning.  If you don’t want any spice, we do that too!  Some customers even desire the largest crabs we can find.  Our watermen personally search for the best crabs for your order.  Then we ship the crabs for overnight to 3-Day Ground delivery.  A custom cooler and gel packs and dry ice ensure a high-quality and fresh product when it arrives at your doorstep.  Keep in mind that more than a two-day travel time may cause the crabs to freeze a bit.  Just thaw and enjoy the freshly steamed crab meat.  If you desire live crabs (beginning around April 1), choose early morning delivery for some rambunctious crabs.

Click here for Blue Crab recipes.

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