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[STEAMED] (1/2) Bushel Male Hardshell Blue Crabs Jimmy Crabs (MED/LG 5.5 to 6.5 Inches) Approx 3 Dozen


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  • Overnight 1 Day Shipping Orders-2-5 Day Orders Will Ship With Dry Ice and May Partially Or Entirely Freeze Product. 
  • It is impossible to get every order spiced to exact customer request due to steaming and shipping process- No money will be refunded. 
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US Seafood & Meat Co.’s Breaking News! The Myths solved Between the Taste of Male and Female Blue Crabs!

Many customers call into our store asking for either male or female crabs. They always know what they want. Some say, “I only order females since they have sweeter meat.” While others claim, “the males are meatier and you get more crab meat for your buck!” Quite honestly, they are both correct in a way.
Myth #1 Females have sweeter meat. Picking meat and setting a portion between crab enthusiasts to select the proper sex, always leads to a decision not on taste, but texture. The female meat has a denser texture as the male boasts a flakier meat. The denser meat doesn’t allow for as much salt water to seep into the crab cavities, giving a less salty taste. The difference is ever so slight, but many prefer the huge jumbo chunks that pull from the male crabs. This tips the scale in their preference. However, chefs do prefer female crabs for crab cakes, primarily on the fact most diners prefer feasting on the male crabs, leaving the females.
Myth #2 Crab houses shouldn’t steam female crabs since that will cut down on the population. Yes, females carry roe and help populate the crab species, but waterway sustainability organizations chart migrations, populations and trends, allowing for a harvesting of females so they don’t out-number the males too drastically. A healthy balance gives a healthy ecosystem of blue crabs.
Myth #3 Blue Crabs all grow to a maximum point-to-point measurement. Actually, the females stop growing at maturity, while male crabs grow until the end of their lifespan, which is about 3 years. Since females stop growing, their meat grows more dense. For this fact, males naturally have more meat if comparing the same age crab.

One thing you can guarantee is that steamed blue crabs in JO Spice #2, a Baltimore staple produce salty-sweet meat, better than any other blue crab caught around the world. Dip in clarified butter or DELMARVA dipping sauce made from apple balsamic and crushed tomatoes, and you’ll truly enjoy and American delicacy!

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