Blue Crab Meat


Everything falls in Fall, especially the price of your American pride seafood and meat!   Scarf up your autumn harvest while supplies last. Join our blog for free here.

Refresher on Fresh Meat

Never pasteurized, our Blue Crab Meat arrives from one of our 4 picking houses in Maryland, North Carolina, Louisiana or Alabama. Freshly cooked, carefully picked and professionally shipped, out crab meat delivers quickly to your kitchen!  Our crew ensures you enjoy the sweetest meat year-round, even in the dead of winter!

Check out the possibilities.

Jumbo Meat pulls from the two back swimming legs and exhibits large brilliantly white pieces with a subtle flavor.  Try making spaghetti fresca with jumbo lump or even a jumbo lump crab martini!

Lump Meat boasts smaller pieces of jumbo and has the same clean appearance and flavor but works better in combined recipes rather than a showcased entree.  Maryland Crab Cakes or Crab Imperial mix well with the lump selection.

Claw Meat derives from the swimming fins and claws.  With constant activity, the meat has a brownish coloring and a slightly fibrous texture.  The meat has a more robust “crab” flavor and lends a unique flavor to your recipes.  Possibly, create a zesty Maryland Crab Soup or Crab Bisque.

Shipping thoughts.

We offer freshly picked crab meat with no additives, so you’ll need to select no more than 2-3 days for your shipping choice. Next day delivery will guarantee fresh meat, while 2-3 transit may cause the meat to freeze with the gel packs that help keep your product premium throughout transit. 

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