Snow, King & Dungeness Crabs

US Seafood and Meat Lives Up to the Ultimate Catch with Crabs pulled from Inlets, Bays and Sounds in cold Atlantic and Pacific waters.

Cooked and flash-frozen at our docks, these clusters, legs and whole crabs ship to your US location in seafood coolers with dry ice and wrappings to ensure a high-quality product ready for your steaming pots or even outdoor grill.  Yes, summer season moves the kitchen to the outdoors so get your recipes together!

Choices, choices.

Let’s just say you decided to throw a crab feast with King Legs, Snow & Dungeness Clusters.  Good choice, by the way. Your selection offers North Atlantic Snow Clusters with a fibrous texture.  From the opposite coast, the Dungeness supply ultra-sweet crab meat, while the King Crab swims the Bering Sea waters near Alaska and offers tender, slightly sweet meat.  Yes, you combined the best of both coasts!

Grill to perfection.

1. Take your King Crab Legs and shear them in half length wise.  Opening the shell ensures a smoked meat and a tender texture with brushing garlic butter and squeezing lemon over the meat.

2. Plunge both Snow and Dungeness Clusters in a butter tub.  Ensure your hungry eaters receive what they deserve by placing hot butter ramekins at each seat for that added taste. 

3. Position your legs and clusters away from the coals and fire and let them cook for 25-30 minutes at about 225°F.  Prepare yourself for adoring crab fans after they taste grilled crab meat. Bon Appetit!

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