Nantucket Jumbo Scallops

Nantucket Scallops

What does “dry-packed” scallop mean?

All scallops naturally leave the ocean wet, but processors have a choice when bringing the scallop to your kitchen. They can either process them with preservatives or keep them al natural. The difference is huge! Wet scallops receive a soaking bath of phosphates that extends the shelf life but fills the scallop with water that weighs it down. Sadly, the consumer pays for this water, phosphate weight that cooks off in the pan. Chefs warn that the scallops may even shrink and have a tougher texture. In fact, they sometimes have a soapy, bitter flavor. Pan searing even has issues with the added water. The only suggestion is to place the scallops on a paper towels and allow the water to seep out, but this process isn’t guaranteed to work. Your best bet is the unprocessed or dry scallop. Yes, you need to act fast with a lesser shelf life, but the sweet, oceanic taste and buttery pop is worth it! Chefs even caramelize a sear with perfection with the dry since the protein in the muscle interacts with the oil in the pan, unimpeded by water, to achieve the golden-brown.

Mother Nature surely created a “jewel of the sea” with the scallop. Believe it or not, 100 eyes surround the shell as it opens and shuts, and it glides through the water. The part that we eat, that beautiful, caramelized masterpiece is the main adductor that operates the shell. Other parts keep the scallop alive, like lungs and digestive parts, but the edible muscle is the true treasure. Energy-packed protein, 14.8 grams per 3.5 oz. serving and high percentages of Vitamin B12 and selenium give scallops a dieticians seal of approval. Immune and circulatory system health never saw such a boost! To maximize the benefit, make sure you order “dry.”


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