US Pride Recipe: Hickory Smoked Scallop Bacon Wraps

Combine juicy bacon and tender scallops and turn even a weeknight dinner into a celebration. Gather your ingredients.

1-lb. US Seafood and Meat Scallops
8-slices hickory smoked bacon
16 toothpicks
Extra-virgin olive oil
Old Bay

Keep the cooking fun!

Turn on that oven light and preheat to 400°F. Take your thawed scallops and marvel at the super-extra size and pat them dry. Slice your bacon in vertical halves and dress your scallop for success. Pierce the bacon to the scallop to keep the scallop nestled in salty goodness. Brush olive oil on each creation and sprinkle with Old Bay. Why? Because you love keeping the taste at a peppery zest! Boldly line up your scallops on a cookie tray in a military salute. Bake for 14 minutes while watching the show through the oven window. Promptly serve your admiring American pride fans. US seafood never tasted so good!

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