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True Blue Crab loving Americans debate

the age-old debate: to steam or to boil?

Our pristine Bay estuaries naturally produce crabs with more fat and shell-filled meat since USA waterways contain the best crabs in the world! They feast on clams, oysters, plankton, fish and insects to build up a store of fat and energy-supplying jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Even though you can find a blue brab as north as Nova Scotia and as south as Uruguay, Chesapeake Bay crabs offer something unique.  Besides supplying an American pride product, bay waters offer extra sweet fresh meat and crabs that store tasty fat.  Staring down a bushel of beady eggs, you may debate your cooking method.  Those who prefer steaming say the uneven heat and spice add to the fun of picking crabs.  They push a boiled crab away since it drips with water.  Boiled crab fans think boiling evenly cooks the crab with exact spicing through the entire bushel.  They, in turn, push a steamed crab away since the steamer dried out the meat.  Join in the discussion. 

Which method do you prefer, steamed or boiled?

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