If you're looking for symbolism for why Crisfield is a seafood lover's paradise, the town's foundation of crushed oyster shells should be enough. Amazingly, the town's center is solid and secure with these crushed oyster shells that will withstand any winds or weather. Even though man laid these shells to fill a swamp, they signal the seafood critic's delight in oysters, crawfish, crabs and all delicacies from the sea. We at U.S. Seafood and Meat Co. revel by being part of this tradition and offer products of the utmost quality, not only from the sea, but also from the neighboring pastures. History runs deep in Crisfield with the Native American tribe, the Annemessexs hunting near the river near the town named after the Honorable John Woodland, who christened the town with his name as he fell off a shaky dock back in the late 1800's. No need to worry though; the docks are solid now and so are the products you'll get from this stellar group of watermen.

Crisfield, MD Crab Capital Of The World







Lobster Docks of Maine

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