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The Jonah Crab, a New Discovery!

December 19, 2018

Fun Facts

Frustrated with the Jonah Crabs eating lobster bait, fishermen in the Northern Atlantic waters “punished” the crabs with a quick death and simply threw them overboard while harvesting the sought-after Cold-Water Lobster. As waters warmed and lobsters migrated even further North, these same fishermen adapted their catch to include the once abhorrent crustacean. In fact, the Jonah Crab battles the notorious Stone Crab of Florida with similar appearance and taste.

The Claws: Preparation Secrets

To entice the consumer, the watermen cook the crabs and then “score” them by slicing a cut through the claw and two knuckles. The enthusiast can easily use a knife to separate the meat from the shell and enjoy dipping the tender, sweet meat in hot clarified butter. Since the claws supply the best meat, the consumer can easily & quickly heat the meat in a large pot with boiling water and seasonings for five minutes.


Consider picking the meat and endorsing a clam linguine with sweet, tender Jonah claw meat or steam the claws with garlic, lemon, and cooking white wine. Mix lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, sweet red onions and white vinegar for a robust dipping sauce. Try a new recipe for the trendy, and sure to last new delicacy from the Atlantic.

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