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[STEAMED] -(1) Dozen Maryland Male Extra Large Hardshell Blue Crabs (6.5-7 inches)

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Crab Plate

Did you know that in the blue crab’s early crack’n days, diners chose them as a salty-sweet dessert?

Yes, they were onto something delicious! Blue Crabs, however, require some skills in catching them. Trotlines, pots, and traps all work, but the change in currents and seasons give the fishermen the biggest challenge. Maryland Blue Crabs even dig deeply into the mud to hibernate or they swim out to the Bay’s mouth to escape frigid shallow waters. Catching winter crabs requires a keen understanding of this wily “Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.” The only more challenging catch may be Florida’s Stone Crab. The sunshine state’s Conservation Commission allows harvesting of just one claw from each crab! The fishermen must throw back the rest into the tropical waters. Talk about a challenge!

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Take pride in your seafood!

Freshly caught Maryland Blue Crabs steam to a taste only American seafood can offer! Worldwide crab fans marvel at the perfect mix of salty-sweet taste of Bay blue crab meat. Stretching about 200 miles, the Chesapeake Bay wears the title “Largest Estuary of the World.” From Havre de Grace Maryland to Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Bay, and its tributaries give the blue crab a perfect environment for growing jumbo, lump, or claw meat. Not too salty or fresh, the water keeps the meat at a perfect mix. Chefs and home cooks love all the blue crab choices! How about Soft-Shell Crabs? Beer-batter them to a crispy, salty-sweet delicacy that causes applause in an open-faced sandwich! Of course, you have to try the hard-shells! They supply a full evening of family fun. Cracking, picking, and dipping delicious spiced crab meat in hot butter will give you a true appreciation of great eats from the Bay! Celebrate American Pride with your Crab Choice today! 

Got Crabs?

Daily our watermen catch heavy fresh crabs for either your steamed or live order.  Our crab houses take pride in professionally grading the crabs on the Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale. The larger the crab, the more lump, jumbo and claw meat. The scale measures the following sizes from point-to-point.

Supers: 7+ inches

X-Large:  6 ½ -7 inches

Large:  6-6 ½ inches

Mediums:  5 ½ -6 inches

Small:  5-5 ½ inches

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