Canada Shipping Policies

Shipping Cost

Every order carries a packaging fee of $9.99, certain quantities of products will carry multiple packaging fees. Shipping is calculated on a per item and weight basis. Shipping can range from $45.99 per package up per package. Shipping can be calculated on our website by adding the products you wish to purchase to our cart and use the shipping estimator tool. We offer a variety of shipping services. Ground Shipping can be between 2 and 5 days depending on your location. Ground shipping is only guaranteed by end of day. All of our international Air Services are offered 1-3 days by the end of the day.

We do not offer Monday Deliveries as the shipping companies are closed on Sundays.

Delays caused by customs can not be controlled by U.S. Seafood & Meat Co.and we are not liable for any customs delays. We pre clear all of our products to help ensure a speady delivery. Mondays are the only days we ship orders to Canada. 

Shipping Policy

All packages are shipped shipper release. This means the package is left without a signature. This is the way perishable products must be shipped. The receiver takes full responsibility to receive the package. Blue Crab Trading Company is not liable for any package once tendered to UPS or FedEx. This is includes packages that are stolen once U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. recommends that you do not have packages shipped to gated communities or apartments with locked doors or buildings that have restricted access. U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. nor UPS or Fed Ex can be held liable for pakcages that are not delivered due to drivers not being able to gain access to the property to make the delivery. We recomend you have the package sent to your work or and alternate location to ensure proper delivery.

Customers with damaged packages or packages that have not been scanned delivered must call within 24 hours.

During colder months products that are shipped fresh may become frozen. This does not affect the quality of the product. No refunds will be done for this occurance.

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. will no refund any money for packages that customers provided an incorrect address during checkout. It is also the customers responsibility to check confimation emails on orders placed over the phone. No refunds will be issued when customers do not check confirmation orders for accuracy.

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. is not responsibile for packages shipped into snow storms, fog, or any other act of mother nature. It is the customers resposibility to monitor weather and conditons in your area. We will not refund any money for packages delayed by the above circumstances.

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. can not be held liable for packages once they are delivered by the shipping company. The insurance does not cover the package after is delivered. Routinely when packages are delivered the note may say it was left at a specific door. This information may vary and it is the customers responsibility to check any and all areas on the property once the package is delivered. U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. will not be held liable for any packages that sit for periods of time on a persons property. It is soley the responsibility of the receipient to retrieve the package in a timely manner. 

Shipping and Insurance Policies.

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co.. is not responsible for packages once they have been marked as delivered. As these packages must be delivered shipper release the recipient assumes all responsibility for the package once it has been delivered. Insurance does not cover a missing package once it has been delivered.

Packages should be sent to your work or a location where someone is present to received delivery if you are concerned with the package being left.

The recipientis also responsible to notify U.S. Seafood & Meat Co.. if their are any events in your area such as, weather, storms, power outages, and other catastrophic events that could delay a package. Homeland Steaks can not monitor this information and is the full responsibility of the recipient to notify U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. prior to the package shipping.

Insurance will not cover any packages shipped into an area with weather, storms, power outages, and other catastrophic events that could delay a package.

If a package arrives up to 24 hours late the contents will still be good and the insurance will only pay for the shipping price. Insurance does not pay for late shipments due to weather or other catastrophic events.


  • Cut-off time for orders placed over the Internet is 3:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Please call 1-800-385-3904 to check availability and to place your order during all other hours.
  • There are no Sunday or Monday deliveries.
  • Saturday delivery is available in most areas. All Saturday deliveries must be shipped using UPS Overnight Air service. When requesting Saturday delivery to rural areas, please call in advance to check availability.
  • Days that are grayed out on our delivery calendar are not available for selection.
  • All orders being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii we suggest you speak to one of our customer service reps to verify transit times.

Shipping and Handling Information

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. primary shipping method on most orders is through UPS Overnight. We reserve the right to ship UPS or FedEX Overnight. For customers who qualify, we may choose to ship orders via UPS Nextday Ground. All orders are charged actual UPS and FedEx shipping rates. Any changes to tax or shipping and handling charges, if necessary, will be provided in a separate communication along with the reason for the change.  Deliveries delayed by carriers due to inclement weather or for any other reason must be accepted by purchaser at next available delivery date. Fresh product maybe frozen upon receipt in areas that are experiencing extreme cold temperatures. Proper thaw out procedures for seafood should always be followed. Please note Blue Crab Trading Co. will not refund monies due to fresh product that has frozen due to extreme cold temperatures.  If compensation is warranted it will be in the form of store credit or gift card. If delivered in the above mentioned time Blue Crab Trading will not refund any monies for the order. 

*For all orders taken over the phone U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. will provide and email confirmation of the order to the customer. It is the CUSTOMER'S sole responsibility to review the order information, such as but not limited to delivery address, zip codes, delivery date, and product information. If you did not receive an order confirmation email you can call 1-(800) 385-3904 to request another copy to be sent.

*Once a package is marked as delivered and verified by UPS is correct delivery neither UPS or U.S. Seafood & Meat Co.is responsible for the package. Please use caution when shipping to apartments or other buildings that share common areas. Packages that are in transit for more than one day can become frozen or partially frozen due to dry ice and gel packs. 

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. reserves the right to shipper release any package commercial or residential. This means the package will be left without a signature. This is necessary to ensure a package will not be delivered the next business day. U.S. Seafood & Meat Co.will no be held liable for any bad addresses or incorrect delivery information provided. We also do not accept returns on any internation shipments. U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. does not accept any order cancelations after an order has been shipped.

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