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Dungeness Crabs-[FROZEN]

  • Frozen 

US Seafood and Meat partners with our West Coast crabbers to find the healthiest and heaviest Dungeness Crabs for your ultra-sweet crab meat.

Steam your Dungeness with Vino!

Since these crabs received a precooking and a flash-freezing, spend quality time preparing a stockpot with water and add your favorite dry pinot grigio or oaky chardonnay to it along with your garden’s fresh tarragon.  Depending on your pot size, keep the proportions to 5% wine to 95% water.  Of course, if you prefer a more robust flavor, add more of a wine proportion. Then, once the water begins to boil, place the two-pound Dungeness crab in a basket above the boiling liquid.  Allow the aromas and steam to seep into the crab for three minutes and quickly serve with sliced lemon wedges and an apple balsamic vinaigrette filled ramekin for a full-bodied dipping.  Bon Appetit!

Crab legs pack fun, but also powerful health benefits. Celebrate the rewards!

King Crab Legs boast a tremendous protein supply with body-loving omega-3 fatty acids.  Flex those muscles since King Legs rebuild them.  Snow Crab Clusters join the King in giving you and your guests more packed omega-3’s that lower the risk of heart related illnesses.  Yes, you may see a theme here, but let’s introduce the Dungeness Clusters and talk about some of the vitamins.  Zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and iron give these clusters an A-rating for balancing the body’s immune system. Load up your dinnerplates with oceanic friendly foods!

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