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(5 lb bock) U.S. Gulf White Shrimp (Shell On Head Off) (Approximately 16-20 Count Per Lb)-FROZEN

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  • Raw, Flash Frozen 
Plan for a shrimp feast with 5 lbs. white 16-20 Gulf shrimp, featuring large-sized, mouth-watering, mild-soft-textured, ready to soak in your Cajun, marinara or lemon herb sauces. How many pieces will you get with this 5-pound bag? With this large quantity and 16-20 in a pound, you’ll potentially have 100 pieces for your shrimp paella, shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail or shrimp balls. To prepare your shrimp, insert the quantity in a colander and run fresh cold water through the pieces, and then place them carefully in the refrigerator until fully thawed. Readily drain the shrimp and prepare yourself for a first-rate culinary experience with exquisite, perky, USA Gulf shrimp.

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