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(1 lb.) Farm Raised Tilapia - [FROZEN]

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Versatile Tilapia

Why is tilapia versatile?

If you’re searching for a fish that takes on the flavors and spices of your sauces, then farm-raised tilapia is your catch. This white fish is unique to wild caught salmon since it isn’t an easy catch from the wild. A proud member of the cichlid family, this African fish has found favor in over 130 countries that raise them as a cost friendly choice. Low in calories and fat content, tilapia grills or broils into an impressive fish entrée or protein for a salad. In fact, it's high in B12 vitamin that develops red blood cells, and Omega-3s, which reduces the chance of heart disease. The benefits keep adding up into an amazing catch! The taste, slightly sweet, but with little to no fishiness makes it a prime candidate for recipes that call for a flaky fish.

As a chef, you have your “go-to” cooking choice. Maybe a sautéing achieves your perfect dinner, or perhaps beer battering gets the family to the table, but grilling keeps the fish at its optimum healthy choice. Consider a “Grilled Tilapia on a Farmhouse Chopped Salad” dinner. The crisp salad complements the flaky chargrilled fish. Whip up a lemon sauce for a refreshing flavor for the fish and dressing for the salad, filled with romaine, cabbage, kale, carrots, and avocado. Juiced lemons, white wine, shallots, and cream create a tangy flavor for the sauce. Flavors abound, which is tilapia’ selling point. It will assume them all for an exquisite taste. Get started by brushing the grill with extra virgin olive oil. This will keep the thin fillets from sticking to the grates. Generously, brush your lemon mix evenly on the fish and sprinkle salt and pepper “to taste.” The fruity and herbal olive oil, coupled with the zesty, but slightly tart lemons ensures a tender meat. Then, chargrill for a golden brown and slight crunch. Time it to about ten minutes per inch of meat until it turns opaque, “white.” Carefully, poke it with a knife and it should flake apart. Experiment with seasonings and similar recipe ideas and enjoy a farm-raised fish that offers a fish for every dish!


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