Signature Maryland Crab Cakes

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A Bite-Size Crab Cake with all the Bennies!

Maryland Crab Cakes boast “traditional” in its description on the menu. What exactly does this mean?  It’s all about headlining the crab meat. The crab meat in the cake steals the show and doesn’t require any co-stars or tastes that may detract from the salty succulence of blue crab lump. Chesapeake Bay Crabbers during the 1800’s concocted this recipe for cakes that would freeze easily and then cook majestically throughout frigid winter dinners. “Crab cake parties” during these days would find young and old picking an autumn Fat Crab Season Catch to showcase in winter cakes. These cakes showcased the largest benny, the taste!

Each bite, especially in a crab appetizer cake requires the best ingredients to capture the robust and buttery lump crab meat. Somewhere between shrimp and lobster in flavor, the blue crab taste finds a liking for its surprisingly sweet flavors when cooked. These early Marylanders knew this and chose basic ingredients that would enhance the crab, which puts pride in “Maryland.” Thick and creamy and slightly tangy mayonnaise, smoky and somewhat earthy yellow mustard powder, bonding whole eggs for a slight umami taste, crackers for an added saltiness and balancer in moisture, and bay spices for a tangy pop make the traditional recipe. This perfect mix with the freshly picked genuine blue crab lump meat holds together with an exact combination. Fight the urge to add vegetables in the mix like peppers and onions. Your cake will no longer be “Maryland” or “Traditional.” Eat like a true bay lover and know that it’s sacrilege to hide the blue crab’s taste with garden flavors!

Put on your chef hat to keep these flavors robust and fresh. A frozen cake holds together better through the mixing bowl to the serving platter. The density and firmness ensure a compacted cake and golden browning when the meat caramelizes. To reach the best results, locate your trusty skillet and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. Bring the heat to medium high and place the cake appetizers strategically in the pan, neither touching the sides of the pan or each other. This attention to detail will ensure a perfect golden browning. Dash a bit of Old Bay per cake and cook 5 minutes per side. Use tongs to carefully turn over the cakes and to remove them after the second 5 minutes. Keep it at a perfect five and let them cool for 5 minutes and serve with a sliced lemon wedge or remoulade sauce. Enjoy a crab cake perfect as a party starter or salad headliner and give yourself a High Five!

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