Slurp to Impress: Oyster Eating Etiquette

Slurp to Impress: Oyster Eating Etiquette

December 27, 2018 U. S. Seafood & Meat provides carefully harvested oysters from Eastern waters from Virginia and Maryland. Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay waters and tributaries offer oysters exhibiting a crisp briny burst of oceanic goodness. Follow these steps to slurp for both success of taste and social appearance.  Please use the highest discretion when eating raw shellfish, however.  This blog celebrates cuisine creativity and presents the reality of raw oyster enjoyment.

(Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish can increase the risk of food-born illness.)


Search for a tiny fork, preferably stainless steel, resembling a sous chef’s detailing cutlery. Locate with your eyes and then plate reinforcements for an oyster needing additional flavor as in a lemon squirt, cocktail dabble, horseradish mound or blended mignonette (fresh shallots, grounded pepper and bold vinegar). Assuredly; but gracefully, select an oyster and detach it with the fork from the shell. Decide your next move.


Using senses and watching compatriots, garnish your oyster or directly position the wide portion of the shell to your mouth and slurp the oyster along with the juice in a dramatic gulp, but a move signaling assurance, appreciation and seafood elegance. Avoid a spectacle but demonstrate a true “oneness” with the quest for an epiphany from both the “pillowy” meat and middle salinity taste, boasting a keen sea tang and distinct metallic finish. Position a discerning consternation that shows boldness and experience.


After reflecting and continuing your mingling status, position the oyster upside down to communicate to the waiter that you’ve triumphed over the oyster and to your friends that you won!

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