Maximize Lobster Tail Taste with Minimal Effort

Maximize Lobster Tail Taste with Minimal Effort

January 4, 2018

Prepare the Meat

After perusing U S Seafood and Meat’s website for the ideal tails, either Cold-water from the North Atlantic or a Warm-water from the Caribbean, realize that your product arrives frozen which allows for an ideal cooking calendar to your schedule. Once ready, defrost your tails in the fridge first for 8-10 hours so that the meat’s texture remains tender and firm during baking. If you decide spontaneously to prepare lobster for dinner, let the frozen tails soak in cold water for about thirty minutes. Once thawed, cut a horizontal slice down the shell’s top and extract the meat from the shell with kitchen shears. Strategically fixate the meat back in the shell but leaving a few millimeters from the base to place either minced onions or smashed cloves for a bold taste through the meat while baking.

Cooking the Meat

Thinking this baking ordeal will last for hours? Forget about it! This method only requires a handy kitchen brush to douse the tails with melted, unsalted butter and a prepared cooking rack with foil to protect the juices in your tails. Bake for 15 minutes at 140°F to 145°F. Yes, only 15 minutes will cause the tails to beam a brilliant red for Cold-water and tropical orange for Warm-water. Strategically place the white buttery meat tails on your serving tray and prepare the plate with your chosen complements as tender Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon or buttery Gulf Shrimp.

Meat Benefits

Lobster meat exhibits tremendous flavor combining saltiness to buttery and sweet to oceanic flavors. Know also that lobster boasts an average of 21 grams of protein to a 5 oz. serving and only 120 calories making it not only tasty, but a fit choice. Of course, adding light butter will help in this endeavor. If you feel so inclined, possibly brush a honey garlic butter white wine sauce to your creation for a more sophisticated taste. Not only will you rejoice in the flavors, but in the quick preparation time!

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